Command listener attention optimized to real-time, in-flight behaviors

On-demand streaming radio now accounts for more than 54% of total audio consumption* and offers granular targeting capabilities to reach your exact audience


Build Brand Awareness and Consideration

  • Follow your audience across all major streaming radio providers

  • Retarget engaged listeners with additional ad formats

  • Combat ad blocking – users cannot block audio ads like they can display


  • Data Targeting: Target first party, third party and CRM look-a-like

  • Day Parting: Create efficiency by optimizing to times of day when your audience is

  • most engaged

  • Event Retargeting: Based on audio completion rates

  • Cross-device Targeting: Expand reach

  • Geo-fencing: Reach specific local markets

  • and neighborhoods

  • Frequency Capping: Monitor frequency

  • across segments, devices, platforms, and radio providersPlatforms



  • PC, Mobile Web, Mobile In-App, Tablet, and C-TV

  • Ad Units:

  • Audio :15s and :30s

  • Companion Display Banner: 300x250

  • Measurement:

  • Ad server and Tableau reporting integration

  • Measure total frequency across devices and platforms


  • Midpoints, Third Quartile Completions, Completions, Mutes, Unmutes, Pauses, Plays, Replays

Companion Banner

  • Impressions, Clicks

Note: While not all platforms offer companion banner, it is recommended that advertisers provide at least one 300x250 banner to accompany each spot. If a companion banner is not provided, a generic music note icon may show which is clickable.

*Source: Nielsen 2017 U.S. Music Year-End Report