Feeling uncertain about the efficacy of your programmatic buying? Want
your social media advertising to perform better? We’re not surprised.

According to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), there is an estimated $7 billion of fraud within the digital media supply chain each year, and only $0.40 of a marketer’s digital advertising dollar reach the consumer. Meanwhile, marketers with silos between social, online video and display can't optimize fluidly between channels and platforms.

This delta between what marketers think they are buying and what they’re getting is unacceptable.

Transparency is the antidote

At eEffective, we believe it is your investment, your media, and your programmatic campaign. You should have the comfort that comes from complete transparency, and the confidence that your success is at the heart of every decision.

We provide price transparency into our service, data, and ad serving fees. There is never any obscurity around where your media dollars are going.

eEffective’s programmatic buying experts can partner with your marketing team to augment your own in-house efforts, be your white-labeled trading desk or social execution arm, or can provide a fully managed solution. It is your programmatic buy; you can decide how you want to work with us.


  • End-to-end solution for all your programmatic needs

  • Display, Mobile, Native, Video, Outstream Video, PMP deals, Social Media, Data targeting, Retargeting

  • Includes strategy support, planning, media buying, optimizations and reporting

  • Standard contract and monthly IO relationship

  • Standard schedules for reporting


  • Clients who want to focus on bigger marketing initiatives and leave the programmatic to the experts. You know you want transparency in your programmatic media, but also know you don't have the bandwidth, resources or desire to build it yourself


  • Transparent flat % commission on media purchased

  • Other pricing structures customized to client need

Expansion of Existing Team

  • We run your campaigns in entirety, or for a flight

  • Campaigns live on your trading seat

  • Standard schedules for pacing and optimization reports

  • All materials and reports in your brand templates


  • Clients who have a trading team, but can't keep up with their current campaign load. Maybe you have trouble hiring qualified traders in your location, or maybe you just won a new piece of programmatic business and need to quickly ramp up your trading team.


  • Hourly staffing fee

  • Sliding scale campaign management CPM fee (if running campaigns)

White Labeled Solution

  • We sit on your trading desk seat; you have 100% visibility

  • Pacing and optimization reporting on regular cadence

  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) to discuss trends, client performance, and other recommendations with your team

  • Weekly calls with our team to ensure we understand and are achieving client goals

  • All deliverables provided in your branded templates


  • Agencies looking to have a programmatic offering under their umbrella, but don't want to recreate the wheel and build it themselves.

  • Vendors who are looking to focus on their proprietary data, but leverage that through programmatic buying.


  • Base management CPM fee (sliding scale based on monthly impression volume)

  • Performance bonus CPM fee (with cap)

  • Incentivized to both hit client KPIs and gain efficiency on your media buys