Reach your most valuable viewers on every screen

More than 74% of US households have Connected TV devices* which allow consumers to watch film and TV content via the internet, without subscribing to a cable or satellite TV service


OTT enables brands to reach specific addressable audiences on connected TV screens and other OTT devices alongside TV show and movie content – seamlessly delivering, multi-device campaigns utilizing third-party, look-a-like and first party audiences.


  • Highly viewable and non-skippable inventory

  • High video completion rates


  • Delivery across C-TV television screen, PC, Mobile Web, In-App, and Tablet 


Campaigns run across multiple providers to maximize scale, following audiences wherever they watch.

In-App Ad Environment C-TV Device Make & Model:

  • Roku

  • Microsoft Xbox

  • Google Chromecast

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Sony Playstation

  • AppleTV

  • And other C-TV devices

PMPs available

  • A&E Network: A&E, History Channel, Lifetime, FYI • FreeWheel Markets: Discovery, A&E, Univision

  • NBC Universal

  • Turner

  • MLB

  • Samba TV

  • Sling TV

  • HULU

Targeting Capabilities

  • Data Targeting: Target first party, third party and CRM look-a-like

  • Day Parting: Create efficiency by optimizing to times of day

  • when your audience is most engaged

  • Automated Content Recognition (ACR): Advanced listening technology identifies ads and programming airing on TV for audience retargeting and competitive conquesting

  • Geo-fencing: Reach specific local markets and neighborhoods, or audiences who have visited specific locations

  • Retargeting: Users who have been exposed to your brand across other devices and formats

  • Brand Safety: Measures contextual and pre-bid, as well as viewability monitoring


  • Standard video :15 and:30

  • Custom end card, persistent CTA (bug), etc.


  • Ad server tracking and tableau reporting integration

  • Panel studies available

  • GRP Reporting availability for campaigns that are combined with linear

  • comScore and/or Nielsen DAR measurement

  • Measure total frequency across devices and platforms

* Leitchman Research Group, Inc. 2018