Consumers view native ads 53% more than standard display banner ads – and native advertising can generate up to an 82% brand lift as well as 53% higher purchase intent.*


  • High CTR: Due to in-feed placement and adaptable design, native ads often see up to 5-8x higher CTRs than banner ads.

  • Cost Efficient: Higher click through rates ultimately lead to lower costs per click and cost per customer acquisition.

  • Non-Disruptive: Native ads act as an extension of the browsing experience by fitting the form and function of a given webpage.

  • High Engagement: Consumers who click on native advertisements spend more time reading the click-through content.

  • Increased Brand Loyalty: The combination of imagery, headline, and description allows brands to share their story.

  • Multi-platform: Programmatic allows brands to run across multiple native platforms to optimize across.



  • Display (Headline, Ad Copy, Image)

  • Video (Headline, Ad Copy, Video)

Targeting Capabilities

  • 1st Party Audience including site based and CRM

  • 3rd Party Data including standard and custom

  • Contextual including standard and custom

  • Geography (Country, State, DMA, Zip Codes, Geofence)

  • PMP Deals

  • PC, tablet, and mobile devices

  • Pre-Bid brand safety and viewability

Buy Structure

  • CPM, CPC, or CPE


  • Ad server tracking and tableau reporting integration: full transparency for confidence in valid clicks

  • Total frequency monitoring across platforms

*Source: BizReport,, Cyberclick