Don't let Fraud and Bots ruin your programmatic campaign

Context matters

Bad ad placement can be a mortal wound to a brand. Nothing is worse than getting the screenshot from the CEO asking why your brand ads are appearing on site X!  

eEffective is dedicated to brand safety in our programmatic buying, and we leverage the industry's top tools and techniques to deliver on our promise:

  • eESAFE: Our own internally curated eEffective block list (100K sites/apps); updated regularly based on market and content shifts (e.g. political sites, new inventory sources, etc.)   
  • Global Block Lists: Sourced from comScore and Nielsen
  • Pre-Bid Solutions: From Integral Ad Science and Grapeshot
  • Viewability: Integral Ad Science, DV and Moat
  • Post-Bid: DV and IAS 

We let the numbers do the talking

In campaigns measured by third-party verification through DoubleVerify, eEffective is the most reliable source for ensuring your campaigns are delivered to real people, on sites you want, with minimal waste.

eEffective less than 1% outside client targeting parameters

eEffective less than 1% outside client targeting parameters