The team behind the programmatic machine

Our team of programmatic experts are dedicated and fanatical about driving the best results for our clients.  They provide the strategy, recommendations, optimization, product development and analytics that make our client campaigns a success. 

ERIC SMITH: Executive Director 

 director programmatic strategy

Eric is the Executive Director at eEffective and a liaison with Mediassociates, eEffective’s parent company. Focused on programmatic strategy and product development, Eric works with Lead Operations Manager and eEffective team to assess client needs and develop strategies to support client goals.

Eric has over a decade of strategy and marketing experience including work at Ogilvy & Mather on the IBM account and Accordant Media leading KAYAK’s programmatic efforts. He is an expert in campaign strategy and digital innovation.

BRENDA MCRAE: Associate Director Ad Operations

 Programmatic operations

Brenda is the client manager at eEffective and a liaison with Mediassociates, eEffective’s parent company. An expert in programmatic media, Brenda works closely with clients and the eEffective operations team in planning, execution and optimization of all campaigns.

Brenda has over a decade of experience in programmatic media working at companies such as Microsoft, Inflection Point Media and Mediacrossing. She is an expert in advertising technology and campaign execution.

LAURA NADRICZNY: Ad Operations Manager

 digital media strategy

Laura leads digital media buying for eEffective. A specialist in results forecasting, data overlays and programmatic buying systems, she has guided digital campaigns for clients in aerospace, education, healthcare, finance, home services, insurance, retail, travel, and other industries. Laura has eight years’ experience in digital media and holds a degree in mathematics.

Tyler Dickinson: Senior Ad Operations Specialist

 Digital Trader

Tyler has extensive experience managing ad serving operations and client site tagging strategies for our clients.  In addition to his operational expertise, he assists the trading team on campaign pacing, maintenance, and optimizations. Prior to joining the eEffective team, he worked in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) overseeing accounts for Ross University and Star Gas. Tyler has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Western Connecticut State University.

Miles Pretlove: Senior Ad Operations Specialist

Miles is a Senior Ad Operations Specialist within the eEffective team. He specializes in programmatic and digital advertisement reporting, tracking, and tagging; seeking to propel efficient upward growth in the programmatic and digital space through in-depth data insights.

Coming from a marketing, analytics, and sales background in the eCommerce space, Miles is a graduate of the University of Maine with a degree in New Media, where he gained a foundation in Digital Media, Web Development, and Project Management.

Nick Garbuio: Ad Operations Specialist


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