eEffective has developed our own toolkit which can be used alone, or as part of a full-service program, to align your brand with the highest quality programmatic inventory available: 


Our direct response approach that includes Remarketing, Mobile, Display, Video, Outstream Video Native and Cross-Device targeting to leverage 1st and 3rd-party data to drive your down-funnel KPIs.  


Target higher impact inventory with large format and multimedia display ads, video, or audio. Secure placement on premiere PMP sites that focus on viewable inventory and engagement with your ads and your brand. Our methodology takes brand campaigns from high-level media metrics through validation, intent and actions. 


Designed for our SLA clients, ServiceSuite enables clients to utilize eEffective’s trading team, but maintain the oversight they demand in the programmatic space.


Our analytics platform provides clients with a full view of media performance including “at a glance” views of the key metrics that matter most to you.