Desktop Banners IN standard IAB ad sizes

  • Retargeting: The top conversion driver for any direct response campaign.  We help you understand the opportunities to improve your conversion results.

  • Viewability: We test to find the ideal viewability rate to drive the best KPIs at the most efficient price.

  • Site Quality: We can work with your desired whitelist or blacklist parameters.

  • Contextual: We work with top keyword and contextual analysis platforms to ensure your ads are shown against the right type of content on the page.

  • 1st/3rd Party Data: We can take any LiveRamp 1st party data, or build out 3rd party data segments from the top data providers like BlueKai, Excelate, The Data Alliance and Lotame. 

  • Frequency: Ensuring your ads are served with the right frequency to gain conversions without alienating your consumers.

Social Media

  • Targeting across all major social platforms: We coordinate audience targeting across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social platforms using latest platform targeting, interests, demographics, third-party data, and first-party data matching.

  • Agnostic measurement and optimization: Did you know most social media ad performance may be misreported? We cut through the clutter of data with dashboards that illuminate insights. And we optimize campaigns agnostically to the specific platforms or formats that work best.

  • Ad unit inventory: Social media creative formats change almost daily. We keep up with the latest Carousel, Canvas, Video and other emerging social media ad units, and test your way into success.

Mobile Web works in conjunction with your desktop banner ad campaigns

  • Scale: Adding mobile web ads to the campaign gives you added scale, reaching users cross-device.

  • Cost: Blending mobile web inventory with your display campaigns is a cost-efficient way to bring your overall CPMs down.

  • Tracking: Works similar to display in its ability to track conversions.

Mobile In-App

  • Global: For international campaigns, in-app and mobile web inventory can be significantly larger in certain global regions where mobile devices are more prevalent than desktop.

  • Tracking: In-app is not trackable the same way as mobile web or standard display, so it is important to understand your goals when launching any in-app campaign. We use cross-device partners, such as TapAd and Crosswise, to assist in connecting in-app activity to campaign conversions.


PMP deals are on the rise, as advertisers are looking at more one-to-one engagements with brands but want the value that comes with programmatic buying

  • Private Auctions are most similar to standard programmatic buying.  They are pre-negotiated with a minimum price, and the advertiser is not locked into a guaranteed impression volume.

  • Preferred Deals are a fixed price, one-to-one deals with publisher, but also do not require a guaranteed impression volume

  • Guaranteed Deals are fixed price, built on one-to-one deals and do come with guaranteed impression requirements

There are advantages to all the levels of PMP buying models.  We work with clients to find the best model for their marketing objectives.

% of Programmatic Ad Spend in PMP deals

Video Pre-Roll

  • Length: :15 and :30s video lengths are key to having enough scale.

  • Skippable: We make sure we are bidding on non-skippable video ad units to ensure your entire video ad is viewed.

  • Player Size: Unless specified, we ensure your ads are served in dedicated video players rather than in-banner video units.

Outstream Video

  • Placement: Named "outstream" because they play outside standard video players, but rather between paragraphs of content. 70% of advertisers, according to eMarketer, consider outstream an important part of their ad portfolio.

  • User Experience: The outstream video format provides a less-intrusive advertising experience for clients concerned about brand perceptions and user experience.


  • Key types of native: Primary native ad units include in-feed units and content recommendation widgets. Both are highly active in the mobile environment.

  • Eyeballs: According to a Sharethrough study, consumers are 25% more likely to view a native ad than a standard display banner.

  • Branding: With high frequency and user-friendly content recommendations, native ads are a great way to build brand interaction.


Streaming audio continues to show huge growth within the US.  A recent Statista report shows 76% YoY increase:

Music Streaming
  • Ad Size: Similar to video provides :15 and :30s audio units.

  • Players: Currently the inventory is only audio ads playing within Spotify's mobile app. Audio ads for Spotify desktop and Pandora are not available programmatically to us at this time.